Woodworkers of North Carolina (WONC)

WONC is a non-profit (501c3) corporation which is organized for educational and historical purposes.  Our goals are to promote and provide education, communication and other services related to the learning and practice of the art and craft of woodworking

WONC contributes out to the community through various outreach programs and by opening their doors for tours, demonstrations, library services and shows

WONC provide support to all developing and established woodworkers by offering guild membership at several levels which provide many opportunities for enrichment. Guild members are offered the opportunity to expand their horizons through public exhibition of their work.


Celebrating the past, Promoting the future


North Carolina has a rich history in woodworking. WONC strives to keep this tradition alive by bringing together all of the different styles and forms of woodworking together and sharing them with everyone.

Workshops are held to teach, share and inspire.  Our parents taught us the value of fine craftsmanship.  It is our goal to see that this tradition continues by sharing the joys of woodworking to all.